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Various Icons! (mostly Harry Potter and Firefly)

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hi! i saw your yankee icons posted over in the yankee_icons community and it said you took requests.. i'm sorry if this is the wrong place to comment but would you mind making me a yankee one with something like "new york yankees - its hard to be humble"

thanks so much!

There you go.

It's generally a better idea to leave them at my request post (linked at the top of my icon journal) since that way if I can't get to them right away I won't forget about it. :)
Took Firefly #12 and Yankees #3. Will credit.
Aww! Grabbing #07 & #12, very cute. Will credit!
snagging the kaylee & strawberries icon- so pretty! thanks!


May 6 2005, 04:11:53 UTC 11 years ago

Come join the new Screencaps community!!!

# 13 of Firefly. Will credit you.
Gorgeous icons! I'm snagging 9, 12, 13 and 17. The color on 17 is beautiful. Thanks! :-)
snagging HP#1 - just gorgeous! - will credit
snagged harry potter #2. very nice.
#8...will def credit!
from harry potter series
I am taking the Firefly number Jayne and his hat:) They are all beautiful icons..great job!
Snagging #5. (Been looking for a Simon/Mal icon.)
okay, gacking MOST of the firefly ones. I'll credit. ♥
I'm using 4 and 8, and will credit you. These are great!
holy #^%&. Little women icons? Dude. That's so awesome.

Snagging the "Jo dreaming" icon and also the Inara icon. Will credit appropriately =).
Taking Firefly #7. Kaylee / Inara ... woohoo!
Snagged some Firefly and Harry Potter.
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