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Various Icons! (mostly Harry Potter and Firefly)


01   02 03   04

05   06   07   08

09   10   11   12

13   14   15   16


Harry Potter
01   02   03   04

05   06   07   08

09   10

New York Yankees
01   02   03   04


Little Women
01   02   03

01   02

01   02

Non-fannish (Gucci ad campaign images):
01   02

05 - lyrics from "Don't Fall Apart on Me Tonight" by Bob Dylan
17 - tutorial on how I made this icon can be found here
Harry Potter:
01 - made for hp_stillness
05 - mod's choice at hp_icontest, lyrics from Turn Turn Turn by the Byrds
07 - lyrics from Love You Madly by Cake
09 - made for hp_stillness
10 - made for hp_icontest
lots more Carnivale icons found in my last icon post
01 - made for house_challenge
02 - second place at house_challenge
General Notes:
Resources can be found at my resource post
I do take requests.  Please direct them to this post so I don't lose track of them, however.  :)
Don't forget to check out my latest tutorial if you like icon tutorials.  :)
Typical rules.  Comment if you're taking.  Credit "starrysummer" or "starryicons" in your keywords.  Don't hotlink.  Feel free to nominate for awards, please do let me know if you do so.
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I'm taking the fourth Firefly icon & the 6th HP icon. I really love them all, so pretty!
I've got 4, and they're all wonderful.
Love and taking the G/D/H one, how hot!
I love Firefly #12. Beautiful!
LOL, I love Firefly #4. Will take & credit for later use. ;)
Oh, wow, I love your Inara icon! I'm snagging #12! Will credit! :)
Taking just HP01. Thanks! :D
I want to take this beautiful icon from the HP icons nro. 1.
Thank you !
::cackles at the ot9::
One day I will steal you and have you working in a sweat shop making me Interpol/Buffy/Angel/PJ and so on icons all day.

This is my way of saying they are amazing
These are fabulous! Taking the 2nd one to the Gucci campaign! Will credit when used. :D
#2 from HP it's prefect!!!Lovely!!
took Little Women number one, will credit with use! =0)
All of thse are super neatarini. I'm yoinking a few, especially the gucci ones since my adoration for that campaign must be famous by now. And MEMENTO OMG! Yeah, those are very neato.
The second Gucci icon makes me squee. I saw it in a magazine and thought "If only I had a scanner..."
I have never seen any Little Women icons before...How odd that I just watched it last night for the first time in a long time. ^_^ I think I'll have to nab the second Little Women icon...I just love Christian Bale. Will credit!
Love these icons! Swiped and credited #s 3, 4 and 6 in HP, the Carnivale icon, and #2 of Little Women! :D

Blessed be and Luv,
evil laugh. :D sharing.
I love these! Saving 01, 02, 06, 08, 10, and 15 (all from Firefly). Will credit when I use them. :)
Taking Firefly, 5 and 16. Will Credit. Thanks!
These are gorgeous. Snagged #'s 1 and 5 of the HP icons. Will credit, thanks.
snagged Firefly 1,4, and 16

These absolutely rock, btw.
Took HP #3. Will credit in keywords when used.
Took Firefly #1 and will credit! <333
taken Harry Potter 2, 7 and 8
commented and credited.
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